Wednesday, May 20, 2015

whole 30: week 4 + results!

aaaaannnnndddd...we did it! woohoo. i won't say i'm shocked we made it, but i'm almost surprised and also extremely proud of us. 30 days is both nothing and a realllly long time when it comes to habits and consumption.

so, what did we learn? well, we will know more as we do a calculated, slow reintroduction of things and decide what/how much of other food groups to add back in to our diets. but, i can say without question that i feel amazing. probably the best i've ever felt in my life. low anxiety levels, great sleep, good, consistent energy. i definitely need to add exercise in to my day because it makes me even calmer and more even-keeled, but that's going to be the game plan this month.

i tried to make a list of stuff i miss and it's really short. way shorter than i expected:
- hummus (kinda)
- rice (kinda)
- cheese (mostly good parmesan)
- tortilla chips (duh, but these are off the list for a while since i can't stop)

i think that's it! weird, right? i think about bread a lot, but i don't really miss it since it's got lots of power over my brain and doesn't make me feel awesome. i love it, but i think it's going to be a rare treat rather than a daily or weekly part of my life. we'll see.

so the results! clearly, jb did awesome. i blame this on the fact that he's a man. but we were both pretty stoked with the outcome (so far!):

- lost 15.2 lbs
- lost 3.25 inches in his waist
- lost almost 2 inches in his hips
- lost inches in his thigh

- lost 8.4 lbs
- lost 5 inches in my waist
- lost 1.5 inches in my bust
- lost almost 2 inches in my hips
- lost 1.5 inches in my thigh

not bad, especially considering the other non-measurable benefits.

food for the final week-ish:

meal 1 - eggs, avocado, cherries
meal 2 - salad with hb egg, french beans, cherry tomatoes, avocado, carrots, evoo. also had a burger patty at a team offsite as my protein.
meal 3 - ribeye with roasted broccoli and a salad of spinach, beets, avocado, almonds

meal 1 - sauteed spinach, avocado, and an egg with some grilled pork cutlet
meal 2 - steak salad with leftovers, spinach, beets, avocado, almonds
meal 3 - had some friends over so we had apps of guac with plantain chips and olives. for dinner we had fajita beef and chicken, grilled zucchini and squash with homemade cilantro lime mayo, sauteed onions and peppers and cole slaw

meal 1 - leftover chicken and cilantro mayo over a bed of leftover veggies, topped with a sunnyside up egg
meal 2 - same as lunch - this stuff was tasty!
meal 3 - went to a bbq so i made my slaw and had lots of that with a burger patty

meal 1 - eggs, spinach, avocado, plantains
meal 2 - leftover chicken, leftover slaw, leftover roasted broccoli
meal 3 - we went to central market - jb had a shrimp and cauliflower dish. i was feeling kind of weird (paint fumes?), so i had plain grilled salmon and some rosemary roasted potatoes

meal 1 - leftover broccoli, sauteed mini peppers, eggs, avocado
meal 2 - salad with grilled pork cutlet over spinach, bell pepper, radishes, carrots, hemp hearts, avocado. dressed with cilantro lime mayo and had an apple and some raspberries
meal 3 - moroccan salmon (spicy!) with roasted zucchini and squash with dill, sweet potato fries - we dipped the salmon in a little mayo because it was such a spicy dish

meal 1 - leftover zucchini and squash, eggs, avocado, cherries
meal 2 - leftover salmon, veggies, etc from dinner on monday
meal 3 - roasted acorn squash and a hodgepodge of onion, ground beef and cabbage with curry powder

Friday, May 15, 2015

whole 30: week 3.

we are winding down the last few days of the whole30 and i kind of can't believe it. in many ways, it's been way easier than i expected. it's also been really rewarding and awesome. in week 3, we didn't go as crazy with planning and prep and still managed to stay compliant and eat delish foods. i also was able to put on some jeans i haven't worn in like 8 months, so that was a big win for me! we did get sorta bored in week 3 because we repeated a lot of meals (cole slaw) and we grilled a boatload of chicken and sausage early in the week, which was convenient, but also made me feel like that's alllll we ate.

emma asked if our kidlets are eating this way too, and the answer is...kinda. i have bread in the house for them to have sandwiches for lunch a couple days a week. they are still eating cheese. the day i made chicken coconut curry, they had applegate farms chicken nuggets with alexia tots and fruit. so...definitely not 100%, but maybe 80% for ek and 60% for hollis? it's way too hard to monitor it at school, so they are still having goldfish and popsicles or whatever other treats they get served. but they are making strides - especially ek. and hollis has taken some bites that he hadn't before, steps...


meal 1 - leftover kale & sausage quiche with sweet potato crust; leftover broccoli and asparagus.
meal 2 - cabbage slaw with chicken; gazpacho (the kids helped me make it - fun!)
meal 3 - salad with baby spinach & kale, chicken, olives, carrots, onion, cashews; sunshine sauce as the dressing

meal 1 - one egg and chicken/apple sausage with sauteed baby bok choy
meal 2 - salad with grilled chicken, carrots, radishes, onion, orange peppers, and blueberry walnut vinaigrette (homemade, of course)
meal 3 - paleo shepherd's pie (ground beef, carrots, onion, celery, topped with sweet potatoes); side of cole slaw

meal 1 - eggs and sauteed spinach/kale; half an avocado
meal 2 - chicken salad with a hardboiled egg and homemade mayo; leftover veggies
meal 3 - ny strips with salad of baby kale/spinach, oranges, avocado and beets; roasted carrots

meal 1 - leftover beet salad wtih eggs and whole30 compliant bacon (pederson's from whole foods - yum!)
meal 2 - more slaw with leftover pork tenderloin and romesco
meal 3 - chicken & apple sausage with sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli

meal 1 - jb made me a mother's day brunch with an omelet stuffed with chicken/apple sausage, spinach, yellow bell pepper and a side of bacon
meal 2 - tuna salad with a side of an apple and some kalamata olives
meal 3 - spaghetti squash with homemade tomato sauce and turkey meatballs

meal 1 - turkey and eggs; sauteed spinach; cherries
meal 2 - leftover spaghetti squash and meatballs
meal 3 - cauliflower rice with crockpot coconut curry chicken (yummmm)

meal 1 - chicken apple sausage with sauteed yellow squash and cherries
meal 2 - a random pile of stuff from the fridge: tuna, raspberries, mini bell peppers, french beans, hardboiled egg, leftover squash, cherries, olives, and pesto mayo
meal 3 - zoodles with grilled shrimp and pesto

meal 1 - sweet potato, chicken apple sausage, eggs, avocado
meal 2 - salad with chicken, onion, carrots, cherry tomatoes, spinach, olives, mini peppers, radishes, dressed with evoo and an apple on the side
meal 3 - we had a date this night, so i grabbed leftovers - more sausage, squash, sweet potato, french beans, and mayo

Monday, May 11, 2015

outside time.

we've been spending a lot of time outside, living it up in this spring weather before it becomes unbearably hot here. we eat outside and bike a lot and the kids ask basically every day if we can go to the park, so we oblige as much as possible. the best side effect of this whole30 thing has been that i have had every meal planned for the whole week, so we spend virtually no time thinking about what we're going to eat. that is especially awesome for weeknight activities with the kidlets, which have been much more abundant with the extra daylight. 

Friday, May 08, 2015

science fair.

last week (i think it was last week? where is the time going?), ek's class hosted the parents to show off the work they'd done for their science fair. it was adorable. she'd been talking about her experiment for almost a month, and she was sooooo proud to show it off and have us at her school. man, i love that child.

emme's partner was a kid named adam and their project was float vs. sink - understanding what objects do in water. other kids did stuff on primary vs. secondary colors, force, incline planes, ladybug metamorphosis, etc. each pair had a table and the parents got to walk around and talk to each kid about what they'd been working on. then, we all went outside and the kids stood in a group and answered questions about all the concepts from all the experiments. so so cute. then they each got a certificate and there were cookies and lemonade for snack.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

whole30: week 2.

today is day 16, so we are past the halfway mark! woohoo! i am pretty impressed with our commitment so far. we've had social engagements, happy hours, barbecues and two weekends, and we have stayed strong. i'm especially proud of jb, mainly because it makes it about a bazillion times easier on me to have someone to do this with me.

results so far: about the same, i think? it's clear jb has lost lbs., but i don't think i've lost any yet. i have a long way to go and my body is extremely slow to respond to stuff, so i'm trying not to get discouraged. other than a couple of weird nights and extenuating circumstances, we are sleeping pretty incredibly. my energy is consistent throughout the day, and i don't want to collapse onto a couch the minute we get the kidlets down. my skin is much clearer, i think. so, all good. no "tiger blood" yet (which is what they say you hit in the second half of the program), but all good.

so what did we eat? so glad you asked:

meal 1 - leftover chicken breasts cubed with sauteed cherry tomatoes, topped with homemade spinach-walnut pesto
meal 2 - i had a lunch out at chipotle - lettuce, chicken, pico, guac, super satisfying. i was meeting a coworker and it had been scheduled for over a month, so i went with it. jb had mexican tuna lettuce wraps - tuna with cilantro, purple onion, avocado, etc.
meal 3 - crockpot brisket cooked in homemade bone broth with butternut squash and a greek salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red bells, cucumber, kalamata olives, and homemade dressing (evoo, red wine vinegar)

meal 1 - sauteed power greens topped with fried eggs and roasted red pepper sauce; grapes
meal 2 - leftover brisket & butternut squash, topped with some pesto; more grapes
meal 3 - baked steelhead trout with a veggie medley of broccoli, onion, mushrooms, yellow squash sauteed in ghee, topped with roasted red pepper sauce

meal 1 - leftover trout with pesto; butternut squash soup i made with remaining bone broth (so. good.)
meal 2 - greek salad with olives, peppers, onion, power greens, and two hard-boiled eggs - homemade dressing
meal 3 - we met some friends at central market and there was oregano sauteed salmon on special, so we each ate that with double spinach (instead of the bulgur it came with)
snack - i was weirdly hungry friday, so i had a small apple and some cashews shortly after lunch

meal 1 - scramble of eggs, mushrooms, onion, power greens, topped with pesto and half an avocado
meal 2 - paleo salmon cakes (i subbed coconut flour for almond flour and i didn't do the swap properly, so these were super dry, but i will make them again...); topped with homemade mayo to combat the dry-ness; butternut squash soup
meal 3 - baked sweet potatoes topped with crockpot carnitas and avocado mayo; roasted brussels sprouts

meal 1 - leftover carnitas topped with a fried egg; plantains fried in coconut oil with a little kosher salt and cinammon (yum!!); leftover veggies from thursday night's dinner
meal 2 - cold thai salad made with zoodles, carrots, cilantro, cashews, topped with sunshine sauce; leftover salmon cakes with homemade mayo
meal 3 - brisket at the neighborhood bbq - super yummy! i brought cole slaw, so i knew it was compliant - green & red cabbage, cilantro, pineapple, green onion, carrots, dressed with homemade mayo, ACV, sesame oil

meal 1 - twice-baked sweet potato egg cups - half of leftover sweet potato topped with an egg and baked for 12-15 minutes...this wasn't nearly enough food, so when i got to work i had two hard-boiled eggs with homemade salsa and some grapes (no fat, so not ideal, but still compliant)
meal 2 - cole slaw with homemade dressing and chicken breast
meal 3 - steamed zoodles with garlicky shrimp and homemade romesco sauce (this was shockingly good and filling)

meal 1 - crispy kale & sausage quiche with sweet potato crust (i modified this recipe with chicken apple sausage)
meal 2 - chicken protein salad made with grilled chicken, mayo, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, basil from the garden, red wine vinegar, and pine nuts on a bed of baby spinach/baby kale, topped with a drizzle of homemade ranch
meal 3 - salmon with roasted broccoli and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears

so that's it! onward...

Monday, May 04, 2015

the terrific twos.

some mornings i am not a great parent. i wish this weren't true, and i wish these mornings were fewer and farther between, but man. some days are just hard.

jb leaves for work usually by 7ish at the latest. this is around the same time the kids are waking up. he is really amazing about doing as much for them/me/the house as he can before heading out, but i still cover the lion's share of the morning wrangling solo.

this morning, i was super tired. in spite of the whole30 goodness i've been putting in my body and the amazing sleep i've been getting up until this point, i did not sleep well saturday night or sunday night. saturday night i had a beastly headache and kept waking up because it hurt so badly. sunday night...well, who knows? i was already tired, but i had a weird dry cough (allergies maybe?) and hollis was sleeping restlessly and making noise, so i kept waking up too. i moved to the guest bed, but no dice. just a rough night of sleep - it happens.

but then. i couldn't get out of my funk/tired/grumpiness. so i took it out on the kids, and now i just feel awful about it. ek is obsessed with this long-sleeved dress that's wayyyy too warm for the summery weather we're having, and i was short and impatient with her, telling her she couldn't wear it. she started crying immediately, and i did manage to reel it in and apologize, telling her i was out of line because i was tired and whatnot. but still - she didn't do anything wrong, and on any other day i probably would have just let her wear the dress. ugh.

anyway. then there was hollis. he woke up fairly sweet and full of love, but this dude is really embracing all that is tales of the "terrible" twos right now. he is sassy and explosive and he can get so emotional. he also loses it over nothing. this morning it was not wanting to put shoes on, which he was hysterical about for a while, until he dropped the bite of banana he'd been holding for like 40 minutes on the floor of the car. so, it was covered in leaves and dog hair, so i threw it away. which accelerated his tailspin even further, so when i dropped him off he was just a wreck. i tried to calm him, hold him, soothe him, but it just wasn't making a dent and i didn't have the energy to deal with irrational two year-old drama. which just leaves me feeling like crap for the whole day.

tomorrow is another day, right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

breaking your fall.

ek is a monkey bar aficionado, as i think i've mentioned before. but yesterday at school, apparently she bit it on the monkey bars, because this is the conversation we had when she got home:

me: hi sweetie! how are you?
ek: mommy! i broke my fall today!
me: you did?! how did you do that?
ek: well, i broke it right here - this is my fall (gestures to her thigh).

so, be careful! you don't want your fall getting hurt...

whole30: week one.

well, we made it through a week of whole30 eating!

you're not supposed to weigh or measure yourself until day 30, so the literal results are yet to be discovered, but i can comment on the intangible results so far...and they are good! i'm not going to claim there has been any sort of miracle transformation (yet - mwahaha!), but i figure we've been eating very indulgently for months/years now, so it's unlikely everything will just be amazing in a single week. that being said, i definitely feel a difference. the first few days were draggy - low energy, cranky, i-want-to-nap-non-stop. but by the weekend, i was feeling waaaay better. specifically, i have consistent energy levels all day. am i ready to run multiple marathons and tackle the day with so much gusto immediately upon waking? no, though i'm told by the end it will be closer to that. but - there are no slumps. i can plow right on through until it's bedtime, without really any mood swings or bouts of wanting to pass out under my desk. i'm also sleeping like the dead, which is awesome.

so, what exactly have we been eating? some pretty delicious stuff. i was initially worried about the absence of cheese, no creamer for my coffee, and (of course) no vino for 30 days!! but far, no crazy cravings. my homegirl's birthday was last friday and i even went to a brunch and a booze-y boat party to celebrate and managed to do so without drinking! and it was still fun! like, way way fun! not saying i'm off the sauce permanently, but i do think i'll be able to breeze through the next three weeks fairly well since that was my biggest social engagement of the month. woohoo!

here was our meal plan for week 1+ (since it's already tuesday!):

meal 1 - 2-egg omelet with spinach, red onion, cherry tomatoes; 1/2 an avocado
meal 2 - salad made with power greens (blend of baby kale, spinach, chard, etc), red pepper, carrots, broccoli, snow peas, strawberries, and chicken. dressing was just some evoo
meal 3 - flank steak (cooked on the stove with ghee as the cooking fat) with roasted sweet potatoes and roasted zucchini & yellow squash

meal 1 - two eggs over medium over a bed of sauteed kale with half an avocado
meal 2 - leftover flank steak on power greens with leftover zucchini and squash (side note: leftover roasted veggies on a salad is a genius idea), yellow bell pepper, dressed with evoo & white balsamic
snack - 10 raw almonds and an apple (snacks aren't super-encouraged, but they say to have one if you need one and i was dragging this day)
meal 3 - this was delicious: spaghetti squash sauteed in ghee with cherry tomatoes and power greens, topped with baked steelhead trout.

meal 1 - sweet potato hash (this wasn't as delicious as i was expecting it to be, but it was very filling and satisfying afterwards): cubed sweet potato sauteed with ground beef and red onion in coconut oil. topped with a fried egg
meal 2 - slaw of red and green cabbage, shredded carrots, green onions, pineapple, sesame seeds, and slivered almonds. topped with chicken and dressed with a blend of homemade mayo, sesame oil and ACV
meal 3 - amazingly delicious: roasted sweet potatoes topped with shredded pork from the crock pot then topped with guacamole. hella good.

meal 1 - eggs, half avocado, sauteed snow peas
meal 2 - leftover slaw topped with leftover pork
meal 3 - grilled bratwurst with grilled sweet potato packets (foil packets made with sliced sweet potatoes, sliced onions, some evoo, orange zest and the juice from the orange), plus more slaw

meal 1 - eggs, ground beef, guacamole
meal 2 - more leftover slaw (this stuff makes a ton so we ate it for basically a whole week), leftover chicken, a zucchini and a squash sauteed in a little coconut oil with fresh dill
meal 3 - grilled chicken with mushroom tarragon cream sauce - recipe here (soooo gooood); roasted green beans with a splash of balsamic, roasted broccoli with lemon zest & juice

meal 1 - leftover pork, sweet potatoes, avocado
meal 2 - 2 eggs over medium, sauteed spinach, bacon, tomato juice
meal 3 - brisket & shredded pork - we were on a boat, so no veggies. but the meat was delish!

meal 1 - omelet with leftover brats & power greens, side of avocado - realized that i'm not a huge fan of omelets. so dry!
meal 2 - leftover slaw, leftover chicken, zucchini & squash with a little homemade mayo
meal 3 - salad at whole foods - side note: i was absolutely shocked at how sugar is in basically everything. i was wanting to add some meat to my salad, but every meat on the salad bar had sugar in the ingredients! ended up getting some prosciutto from the deli and two hard-boiled eggs to add to my salad of power greens, rainbow carrots, daikon raddish, and golden beets. also had some dried plantains and guacamole.

meal 1 - eggs with sauteed zucchini & squash, half of a leftover brat, leftover guacamole
meal 2 - chicken protein salad (chicken, onion, celery, grapes, slivered almonds, homemade mayo), power greens, yellow bell pepper (about a quarter of one), homemade paleo ranch, small apple
meal 3: spaghetti squash with ground beef and homemade whole30 tomato sauce (super super yummy and surprisingly satisfying)

meal 1 - leftover "spaghetti" from monday night
meal 2 - tuna protein salad (same as the chicken salad, but with tuna), half a red bell, small apple, ranch, baby carrots
meal 3 - chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and slaw

it's not always easy to find sample meal plans, so maybe this will help someone else. i don't make stuff with pretty graphics, but the content is there!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

kidlet updates.

i feel like i haven't done a real kid update in a while, so i thought i'd take a moment to talk a little about ek at almost 4.5 and hollis at 2+almost 4 months. 

hollis: this kid. the other day i was dropping him off at school and one of the teachers said to me: "hollis is a very, very unique child. i've been doing this for 30 years, and i've never met a child quite like him". i'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult, but i can see where she's coming from. my dude is reflective and very independent. he's stubborn and can be very impatient and willful. he's funny and playful and prefers to be in small groups where he knows everyone well (aka our family). he's extremely loving with those close to him and can be very wary of new people. he's focused and can concentrate for long periods on whatever quiet activity he's interested in. he is good at puzzles and he carries a book with him pretty much everywhere. he adores emme but is trying to figure out his own identity these days and doesn't just blindly go along with whatever she's doing. 

hollis does get more worked up/emotional than i would expect out of a kid his age, and especially a kid who's as verbal as he is. but he's got big feelings and he's super sensitive. i'm sure he gets that from me, so i have more tolerance of it than others, maybe. anyway...he doesn't like to be corrected or scolded - it makes him kind of withdraw and shut down. it's really pitiful. so we're working on figuring out how to teach him manners, right & wrong, etc. without just destroying his little world.

he likes to be outside and works hard on his timidity, though that's definitely his natural tendency. he's a terrible eater (compared to emme, especially). i recognize that he might not be super terrible by some standards, but i feel like mealtime is almost always an ordeal if i'm trying to get him to eat protein or veggies. he will eat eggs and cheese (in certain forms), but rarely eats meat and won't even taste it if it's green. sigh. we are working on that too.

but i love this boy with every ounce of my being. he is delicious and a joy to mother.

and then there's my goose. how lucky am i to know this girl? emme is spunky and fun and opinionated and exuberant. she's vivacious and social and eager to please (most of the time). she loves her babies (every stuffed animal and/or doll in the universe), loves rocks and shells, loves collecting very small trinkets and treasures and guarding them fiercely. she is super feminine - she'll individually compliment every piece of jewelry i have on, and she loves to wear anything with a long or twirly skirt. she'll tell you her favorite colors are pink and purple and red and blue and green and orange and yellow and all the colors! which i think is kind of a metaphor for her unbridled love in general. she is (usually) very inclusive, especially about her family, and will say she's going to make something for everyone in our family, while listing out everyone's names, including the animals.  

emme is also willful and trying to figure out how to harness her powers for good. she hates to be corrected and will tell me i'm being mean when i draw a firm line (i.e. no, you can't have candy at 7:30am before you've had breakfast). her notions of fairness are extremely strong when it comes to herself, and we're working hard on developing an awareness for and sense of compassion about others - so far, this is somewhat inconsistent. she's a champ eater and sleeper - she will almost always try at least a bite of something new. she's still napping 90% of the time. she is silly and adventurous and so so strong. she can rock some monkey bars like i can't even believe and she will climb or scale any piece of playground equipment.

ek is curious and an eager learner, but she (also) hates to be corrected. her teachers love her and tell us daily about how affectionate she is. she tells me she wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up, and i'm working hard to be patient and supportive with that desire. sigh. she's really great with animals and babies - super gentle and nurturing. she's definitely still four years old - we get our fair share of her being obstinate and defiant, crying or screeching or pouting or whining, particularly when she's tired, hungry, or being told no. but mostly, she's really an incredible joy and i love everything about her.

Monday, April 20, 2015

making some changes.

i have written about this a little in my personal journals and other places i don't share with the whole universe because this blog feels like a place for family stuff and pictures of my kids making weird faces. but, i'm the boss of what goes into this blog, and, honestly, it's the easiest place for me to chronicle what the haps is with our family, but also with my own life. me, being the author of this and whatnot. and also...i'm not a facebook sharer, really, especially not personal stuff, but i like the idea of some level of accountability or putting it all out into the universe.

so. the past...6 months? year? lifetime? i've been struggling a little bit. i have atrocious self esteem when it comes to my physical appearance. i can logic and reason through it all, but fundamentally, deep deep down in my heart, i am destructively critical of myself (particularly in the physical arena, although it extends beyond that a little bit too). beyond reason. beyond rational thought.

and here's the deal: it sucks. it is sucking the energy and joy out of me. it's interfering with all kinds of aspects of my life. and it is a horrendous example to my kidlets (even though i try super hard not to vocalize the negative self-talk, some elements of it eek into everything, and they are like wee adorable sponges that will inevitably soak it all up). and i'm freaking tired of it. i'm tired of hearing myself brush aside any compliment (verbally or mentally), tired of talking about how i used to look or that time when i was sorta kinda in shape. it needs to stop.

which brings me to now. i'm on a quest (meant to start this quest in january, but i didn't and that's ok) for self-healing. i need to heal my body from the abuses i've put it through (all the food i want, whenever i want, whatever it is), but i really really need to heal my mind from the barrage of awful self-talk i deal with minute-by-minute.

so what am i going to do? i'm going to take care of myself. i'm doing a whole30, starting today. for real. no excuses, just healing, good, real food. i'm going to move my body around every day - take the dogs for walks, chase the kids, have baby dance parties, do some sun salutations. i'm not going to criticize my inability to complete a crossfit workout today - i'm just going to do something every day. i'm going to drink a lot of water. i'm going to meditate. i'm going to read some healing, lovely words and i'm going to read some words that light my brain up. i'm going to love on my family and friends when i can and when i want to, and i'm going to give myself space to be by myself and focus internally when i need it. and i'm going to write, hopefully more than just sometimes.

Friday, April 10, 2015


it's spring in texas and it's lovely. if i'm being picky, i'd say i wish we'd had a milder transition into the heat, but mostly i'm really grateful for warm days and not having to battle the kids to wear socks/coats/layers.

with the schedule mayhem caused by daylight savings, we have been trying to spend some extra time outdoors in the evenings. the kids are rocking the sandbox and we've done many block-walks, stopping to smell basically every flower on the way and admire every single rock (aka crystals).

on good friday, the kids' school was closed, so we drove to marble falls and hit up sweet berry farms, a local attraction where you can pick your own produce and frolic about. there are goats to pet/feed/gawk at and lots of strawberry items to consume. the kids favored the strawberry popsicles, obviously. we will definitely be back soon for blackberry picking.

easter was kind of rainy and yucky outside, but we made the most of it. i took basically zero pictures, though. the kids slept in (until right after 8!!), so when we got up, we tore through the easter bunny's wares, then got dressed and headed to a 9am church service at a church right around the corner. i'd never been to a methodist service, but it was lovely. the church is super progressive and laid back - i liked it a lot. emme was amazing during the service, but hollis wanted to narrate many things: "i see that man with a horn, mama." "i'm ready go outside, mama." "i want to go play at the park!", he and i spent a nice chunk of time in the cry room (really nice other parents, good toys for kids). afterwards, we went to lucy's fried chicken for brunch. it was good but heavy. back at home, kids stripped out of their "nice" clothes immediately and i made tom kha and a thai chopped salad for dinner with some old friends that night. it was a really good day.

other than that, i don't really think there's been anything of note happening. i need to write about the kids individually - what they're into these days, etc. time seems to be moving along way faster than i'm comfortable with, and i can't seem to get my footing lately.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

identity theft and other stuff.

i haven't been blogging. which is basically a theme for this year, but no apologies. things are just so...busy. and all over the place.

yesterday morning, we woke up to an email from our CPA (who had filed our taxes the day before) saying that our return had been rejected since the IRS had already accepted someone else's return claiming emme as a dependent. um, what? yes. someone apparently got hold of her full name and social security number and claimed her, so her identity has been stolen. which i guess happens to kids now. because this is the world we live in. super. so, we filled out the affidavit, mailed in our return via certified mail with a cover letter, and they can take up to 6 months to process it all/send us our return. who really knows?

so, yeah. that's been fun. then, yesterday afternoon, jb got home to water flowing out of the main line to our house. so we have had no running water for almost 24 hours, which is really cool in 80-degree weather with kidlets. i don't mean to complain because, in the grand scheme, this is really really no big deal. but it's just a thing to deal with in the midst of all the other things we are always dealing with, right?

anyway. i'll post lots of pics from my phone and talk about easter and other spring fun soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

things kids say.

ek, last night at dinner: "i can open my mouth so big, i can literally fit a grownup in it."

hollis, last night during our walk when he made me carry him instead of running: "no, i can't run. i too big. i too strong."

Thursday, March 19, 2015

beer, bacon, breaks.

this week is spring break for austin, which means sxsw, daycare closures, and awesome spring weather. my parents came into town last weekend and mom is here for the week to hang with the kids since i didn't take the week off of work. it's been pretty great.

saturday night, jb and i took a beer & bacon cooking class with jillian and zach. super fun. it wasn't a hands-on class, but i actually really liked the demo format. we just got to kick back and eat lots of yumminess while we watched a dude show us how to cook stuff with bacon. yesssss.

sunday mom and i took the kids for a little jaunt to the domain for yogurt. ek had been begging for frozen yogurt for days, so we finally complied and let them climb on the slides/big frogs/etc that were in the shopping area. there was also a band playing in this big grassy null area and they went bucks-wild (as emme says) running and falling and twirling.

other than that, it's been a fun week. lots of tv and playing in the yard. even if i have to go to work, i love unstructured time for the kids.

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