Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sunday, November 01, 2015

that time i went to japan.

in october, mom and i went to okinawa to visit my awesome childhood friend jessica. she and her family are stationed there for three years - her husband is a doc in the air force - and it seemed like a great opportunity to join her dad and see a place i probably wouldn't have another chance to see.

okinawa is an island about 400 miles south of mainland japan and 400 miles east of china. there are like 24 active military bases on an island of ~1.4 million people, so it's pretty unlike any other place you'd ever be. it's surrounded by the east china sea and the pacific ocean. it's the cleanest place i've ever been, ever.

staying with a friend on a US military base was an amazing way to experience everything. we got to have home-cooked meals some nights, and feel the familiarity of being with family. but jess is so self-sufficient and adventurous, so she was also a pro at getting around, discovering new places, and bringing us to all her fave spots.

i magically actually journaled the trip in a real journal, so i won't go into full detail here (nor will i post all of the 400+ pictures), but here are some highlights. it was definitely a fabulous and super fun experience. i missed my family and never want to be away from them for eleven days again, but it was worth it. AND, now i know just how capable jb is of holding down the fort and all.the.things while i'm gone. insert maniacal laughter here...

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