Friday, April 18, 2014


a couple of weeks ago, we attempted bluebonnet pics with the kids.  in years past we have scored some great pics of the pups, and the bluebonnet pics from when ek was 16/17 months old are probably my favorite pictures of her ever.

so my thought was this year, with both kids being able to sit independently, etc., we would get the best bluebonnet series yet.  aaaannnndddd…i was wrong.  of course.

our first try was saturday morning.  it was overcast and pretty chilly and the kids were hungry (why do i always think it's a good idea to take pics of hungry children?  is that better than children with stained clothing?).  emme was off running through the fields doing her own thing and basically giving us dirty looks any time we attempted anything structured.  hollis was having none of the morning session.

that afternoon, i had a sewing class so justin took them back after nap and tried again with no mommy-distraction.  he also brought blueberries for bribery.  smart.  those turned out much better than the morning ones, but still no money shot.  oh well - next year, right?  in any case, i really love most of these a lot more than i thought i would.  my kids are super expressive, even when those expressions are ornery, and it's pretty hilarious to see it captured.  and, even though there isn't a single "perfect" shot, i am still posting WAY too many pics…and this is condensed way down from my initial culling of ~50 photos from the 462.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


have i mentioned my friend callie on here?  i know i have, but man.  love her.  love her photo-taking skills.  hate hate hate that they're moving away from us, but really excited for their next adventure.

so, sunday morning callie came over because they listed their house this past weekend.  sunday mornings can go one way or the other at our house.  any morning, really.  but this sunday was going the other direction, mostly because i was trying to sort of clean up the house and sort of look like a person who looks presentable sometimes on sundays.  so, the kids were hungry and restless.  but callie had offered to take a few pics of us and i put on mascara for crying out loud.  we walked right out the front door and attempted shots for maybe 10 minutes or so before i gave up and we went to breakfast.  i was not optimistic that we would have a remotely functional anything to look at, let alone a picture that i'd want to hang on the wall in our home.  but c managed to capture a shot of our whole little family looking at the camera and making mostly normal faces.  magical.

she also spent a few minutes playing with ek in her room and snagged the other shot.  love.  really grateful for such talented friends.

Monday, April 14, 2014


the weekends are never long enough and i always plan to accomplish infinitely more than is possible with two young kidlets, but whatever.  lately we've been beginning the weekend at the new whole foods up north by the kids' school - pick them up friday afternoon and let them go buck wild while we sip a beverage, enjoy the springier weather and graze on yummy snacks.

this weekend, we went to the natural gardener saturday morning to pick out some stuff to grow this year.  our yard was really well-landscaped when we bought our house, but it's been a super hard winter, so we had some stuff to replace.  plus, i wanted to attempt a few veggies this year, and i have a nice herb garden kicking as of now.  so for edibles we have: zucchini, yellow crookneck squash (heirloom variety - super excited), cucumbers, japanese eggplant, banana peppers, cherry peppers.  i will pick up a cherry tomato plant or two this week, as they tend to fare better in our super fun texas summers.  herbs: oregano, cilantro, rosemary, sage, english thyme, lavendar, feverfew, chives, spearmint, burnet salad.  i'm just guessing we'll lose the chives and cilantro before too long, but they've had a good run.  if i could grow other plants as well and i can grow oregano, i would be a horticulturalist.

commit to fit.

i am doing this program through my employer.  it's called commit to fit and it's 10 weeks or so and the goal is to lose 5% of your BMI, as long as your BMI is above a certain level (mine is - ha!).  anyway.  i feel like a dork half the time.  more than half the time.  there's lots of cheerleading and other people in the program, so it's all about accountability and motivation and all of that.  so, lots of earnestness.  which i fear.

anyway.  i'm giving it a shot.  i am tracking my food (most of the time), trying to make good choices and exercise portion control, trying to squeeze in some activity every day (even if it's just getting up from my stupid desk now and then).  we shall see.  it's hard for me to think about all the weird mental baggage i have wrapped up in my body image, so i'm just focusing on the fact that this is about being healthy so i can model healthy behaviors for my kids and be in good shape to play with and enjoy them for many, many years to come.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


the other night we had a big storm roll in super quickly.  it rolled out quickly, too, but it was magical to watch - bright orange/pink sky, torrential downpours, wild sweeps of wind.  it also happened during the evening while kids (mainly ek) were still awake and could watch it too.  she was mesmerized.  at one point i said "it's pouring!".  during bedtime, she was talking about her day and she said "and then we got to look out the window and see the pourness!".

before the rain started, she had run outside following justin to look at the clouds/sky.  as the lightning kept getting closer, he had to get pretty stern with her to get her to come inside where it was safe.  being fussed at really deflates emme (something we are working on from our perspective as well as hers), so i tried to cheer her up/distract her by seeing if she wanted to help me wash dishes.  it was amazing - she scrubbed and rinsed, and i loaded into the dishes into the dishwasher.  i know this is not a big deal for other peoples' kidlets, but it was huge for me and emme (especially lately).

anyway.  afterward, she kept saying "we're a team, right?" and "we make a great team".  man i love that girl.

Friday, April 04, 2014

more upbeat post.

today is gorgeous and heavenly outside.  i have a wicked cold/allergies/who knows what, but i've got the windows open and i'm hydrating while working from home, and it's goodness.  we have trumpet vine growing on our house and it's all in bloom or about to bloom and it's spectacular.  yay for spring.

this weekend i'm taking a sewing class - it's a quilting technique, so i think i'm going to start on what will eventually be hollis's big boy bed quilt (or a template for it), since it will probably take me a year to complete it.

last night before going to bed, ek whispered something i didn't hear as i was closing her door.  she started crying once the door was closed (which she does when i miss/forget one of her random items on the bedtime checklist).  i opened it back up and she said in a loud stage whisper "i just wanted to tell you i really like your dress".  that girl.

Thursday, April 03, 2014


yesterday afternoon was rough.  i left work early to pick up the kids and bring ek to the dentist.  we've been talking about it and she's been excited to go, so i was optimistic.  chick fil-a is across the street from our dentist's office and she asked if we could go there (she is in love with that place as it's the only fast food she's ever had and they have a big playscape).  i said as long as she was sweet at the dentist and did what he and the hygienist asked, we would go to chick fil-a before heading to dance class.  

well, that didn't happen.  she hid behind me and acted like a total brat in the dentist's office.  i was so embarrassed (i know that's ridiculous, but i was).  i finally persuaded her to sit in the dentist's chair, but she hid her face and refused to open her mouth for the hygienist.  after 15 minutes of asking, telling, begging, bribing, threatening, turning it into a game, etc., i told her we needed to leave.  she perked up and said "ok, can we go to chick fil-a now?" and i said of course not because she didn't hold up her end of the deal.  

enter complete and total meltdown in the parking lot/car.  she was screaming and crying and pitching an amazing fit.  it made me SO upset that i started crying on the ride home.  sigh.  she has brought it up again several times last night and this morning, so i know she's thinking about it and processing her's just so hard to know how to handle stuff like that.  i also think she knows the dentist is going to tell her to stop sucking her thumb, so there is probably some anxiety about that because she's not ready to quit.  

anyway.  we ended up letting her go to dance class because we pay for it and i needed a few minutes of relative quiet.  i hung out with hollis and when she got home we had a nice bedtime routine and ended the day on a good note.  

i'm working on not extrapolating one bad day/incident into the overarching definition of my child.  i'm working on not thinking i'm a terrible parent on the whole just because i lose my temper on occasion.  i'm working on figuring out a method that works for all of us...that's a little gentler and gets the job done more effectively.  

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

long weekend with jj & kk.

this past weekend the kidlets' school was closed friday and monday so the teachers could attend the montessori conference.  justin was heading out for a guys' camping trip, so my parents came to town to hang with us.  so fun.  the weather was phenomenal, so we spent lots of time outside swinging and going for walks with the wagon.  the highlight for the kids was hiding easter eggs, which my parents stuffed with carrots, berries, goldfish, chocolate covered raisins, etc.  our house is still not totally hospitable for guests, but it's getting there...and we really appreciated mom and dad making the best of the air mattress situation for several nights...

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