Tuesday, February 02, 2016


in january i started getting a CSA box delivered to our house weekly. the "farm box", as the kids call it, arrives every tuesday and it's a joyous day. i always have the best intentions of getting to the farmers market every week, but let's be honest: that happens basically never. at the same time, i really do believe in eating sustainably (is that a word? the internet is telling me it's not...) - local, seasonal, as many veggies as possible...these are all good goals. just hard to prioritize in the daily kerfluffle of my life.

anyway. one amazing outcome of our on-demand society (and living in central texas) is the availability of delivered farm boxes. for the bargain price of $39/week, someone drops off a box full of veggies at my front door, all grown within 40 miles of our house. rad. i think it's upped my creativity with cooking and my veggie intake.

last night, we had a few vegetables leftover that needed to be eaten before our new box gets delivered today. i made some lentils with onion, celery, carrot and green garlic (all from the box). then i roasted some broccoli and sweet potatoes, both from the box. then, while everything was cooking, the kids took down an entire bunch of raw carrots. they loved the "handle" left on the carrots by the greens. i also sauteed some spiralized turnips (you guessed it - from the box!) to eat under the lentil mix.

spiralizing is so fun and easy, even a three year-old can do it! literally. ek spiralized one and h the other. it was his first time and he was so proud! it didn't make him taste the turnip (he was missing out - it was delicious), but he tried pretty much everything else in our vegan feast. yay vegetables!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

three years.

on january 4th, hollis turned three. the kids were off school for one more day that monday (school system milking that holiday, let me tell ya), so we got to celebrate my little dude the whole day.

we had a small birthday party on saturday. my parents and brother were in town and we also had a few family friends over. we ate gumbo and bundtinis and sang to our sweet boy. he was really happy.

monday we got up and had breakfast at cafe java. hollis ordered chocolate chip pancakes which i put a candle in and we sang to him. then, the waitresses brought him a giant chocolate chip cookie with a candle and sang happy birthday to him again. needless to say, he loved it all. we let him open his birthday presents one or two at a time over the course of the day. that was a hit - he was so stoked with everything. it was a great day.

hollis at three is a trip. he is stubborn and extremely opinionated. he is hilarious and silly. he can sit for hours playing independently - it's really amazing. he loves spaceships and star wars and trucks. emme is still his absolutely most favorite person in the world. he asks about three thousand questions a day. things like where does grass come from? and why do sidewalks have cracks? and who made the sky? he loves carbs like no other (well, maybe like me haha). the other day i asked him if he wanted chicken fingers for dinner at central market (instead of mac n cheese) and he said "do they taste like bread?". he loves to take baths and go for walks and get in tickle fights with daddy. he loves daddy's yoda voice and when i tell him it's morning and time to wake up (most days). he tells me his friends at school are his teachers. he loves being read to and sung to and he loves music of all kinds, all the time. he can be super volatile and emotional in typical threenager fashion. he's sensitive and tender and is working hard on understanding the power behind all the words he knows.

i love this kid with my whole heart. even if he sometimes yells instead of asking nicely. i am thankful for him every single day.

Monday, January 04, 2016


ek: "are thieves real?"
us: "yes, baby, they sure are."
ek: "oh my god! they rob!"

Thursday, December 31, 2015

farewell, 2015.

i think this is the first time in the history of this blog that i've written an end-of-year post on the last day of the year. typically i don't even bother with a post but even the few times that i have, i've back-dated them from some time in january. i hope this is a sign of how on top of things i'll be in 2016...

this year was a blur for me - i cannot even fathom that the whole year is gone already. i remember being a kid and hearing adults talk about how fast time moves as you get older and not believing or understanding that at all, but it's clearly a thing. 

it was a good year, i think. no major changes in terms of living arrangements or jobs. emme started preK and hollis transitioned to a new school. we started reading chapter books together as a family. we took an awesome vacation to the mountains to see lots of family. we had trips to lafayette and wichita and i got to go to japan. we did a whole30 and got on and fell off the healthy eating train a few times. we went on lots of family walks and spent time cuddling and playing and fighting and singing and sliding and cooking and watching too much tv and just living. i took a course this year on the science of happiness and it talked a lot about happiness vs. meaningfulness. i don't know that we lived meaningfully in the grand scheme, but i'd like to think there was meaning in the everyday - enough that we can hold on to and try to make it even more so in the next year.

so that's it! out with the old, in with the new. cheers to deliberate living, less screen time, more patience with ourselves and others, and getting outside as much as possible. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

the christmas sprint.

the lead up to christmas (really, this whole season since halloween) has felt like a whirlwind. i think a lot about all the pressure to make every moment fantastic and magical and perfect...how contrived and artificial that is (and probably something i just do to myself). but i still try. because i want my kids' memories of these times to be amazing. and truthfully, i think they will be. even though the daily reality is a lot of squabble resolution, nap bartering, too little sleep and too many sweet treats (and tv, too, obviously). that is my reality - a penchant for extrapolating the worst pieces into being emblematic of the whole experience. but their reality is still silver-tinted and, yep, magical. and there are plenty of doses of that - emme whispering thanks to me before bedtime, quiet snuggles, beaming faces when it's time to look for the elf, or open the advent calendar drawer, or skype with family, or read yet another christmas book. it's worth it, and i am working on focusing more on what they see...

here's a barrage of pics of the last several weeks. picking out a christmas tree, me and ek on a special date to see her teacher as mother ginger in the nutcracker, meeting santa (jillian's dad!) at a small super fun gathering, and goofing off on our neighbors' porch before going to church on christmas eve.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

jb's birthday and randomness.

a few years ago my mom got emme an advent calendar with all the little drawers you can open on each of the 25 days of christmas. i've done sort of different things with it every year, but this year i just put in two m&m's and a little note with an activity. the activities were mostly provided by my friend emma who did all the hard work of coming up with them, typing them into a doc in a cute font, etc. jb and i just cut them up and rolled them into little scrolls and assigned them to the days we thought would be most appropriate for each activity. some days had gifts (christmas jammies, a christmas book, slippers), some days were for more charitable activities (get canned goods to donate, toy/coat donations, etc), and some days were for crafts or an outing. two highlights were: going to a christmas movie (we saw the peanuts movie - so cute!) and going to see christmas lights. we went to mozart's coffee shop for their 15-minute outdoor light show and hot cocoa. so cute.

also stuck in the middle of all the christmas hoopla was jb's 35th birthday! i managed to snag a babysitter and we went to uchiko, our most favorite restaurant in the world. it's totally a super special occasion place for a dinner like that - we do it at most once a year - but it is worth every bite. the food is gorgeous and beautiful and the experience is really unparalleled, topped off by fried milk for dessert. i feel like his birthday gets the shaft every year, especially since we had kids, but it was super nice to take a night off from everything and just enjoy each other's company.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

holiday parties.

we had our annual christmas party this year in spite of the weird warm weather and threat of rain. it was super fun, if a lot of work, but i think throwing big parties gets easier every time you do it. i made a boat load of gumbo, we got a keg of fireman's four, and we had various other beverages and snacks, including stuff for kidlets. we still haven't done the final count of how many people showed up, but i think it was around 150. whew! the face coasters were the biggest hit, i'd say, and it was lovely to see so many people we don't get to see a ton throughout the year.

we also had emme's class holiday party, where i led a snowman-making craft, and hollis's holiday party. little kids and holidays are pretty rad.

Monday, December 14, 2015


emme has been talking a lot about invisibility lately (who knows where these things come from). this conversation happened this morning in the car.
ek: invisible means like when you can't see something.
hb: no it's like when you can see everything.
me: if mommy was invisible, it would look like the car was driving itself!
ek: and if poop was invisible, all you would see is stinky lines and then the car would smell bad.

Monday, November 30, 2015

thanksgiving in kansas.

november was an insane month with travel pretty much every weekend. shenanigans. it was super fun, but i feel like it will be mid-late january before we settle down from all the festivities.

anyway. we went to wichita to hang with jb's mom and the denver crew for thanksgiving. it was a super fun trip, capped on either end by trips to in-n-out burger in ft. worth, which the kids have termed forevermore as up-n-down burger. the weather was nice(ish) the first day we were there, so we hit up the park and went for a couple of walks in the wind. the next day and the rest of the trip, we got a TON of ice, so that made for lots of indoor time, but the kids had a blast chilling with their cousins, hide-n-seeking, drinking lots of hot cocoa, opening christmas gifts early, and watching movies in the basement. we ate all the things and i even did some knitting! no snow this trip, which was a bummer, but good family togetherness all around.

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