Tuesday, March 24, 2015

things kids say.

ek, last night at dinner: "i can open my mouth so big, i can literally fit a grownup in it."

hollis, last night during our walk when he made me carry him instead of running: "no, i can't run. i too big. i too strong."

Thursday, March 19, 2015

beer, bacon, breaks.

this week is spring break for austin, which means sxsw, daycare closures, and awesome spring weather. my parents came into town last weekend and mom is here for the week to hang with the kids since i didn't take the week off of work. it's been pretty great.

saturday night, jb and i took a beer & bacon cooking class with jillian and zach. super fun. it wasn't a hands-on class, but i actually really liked the demo format. we just got to kick back and eat lots of yumminess while we watched a dude show us how to cook stuff with bacon. yesssss.

sunday mom and i took the kids for a little jaunt to the domain for yogurt. ek had been begging for frozen yogurt for days, so we finally complied and let them climb on the slides/big frogs/etc that were in the shopping area. there was also a band playing in this big grassy null area and they went bucks-wild (as emme says) running and falling and twirling.

other than that, it's been a fun week. lots of tv and playing in the yard. even if i have to go to work, i love unstructured time for the kids.

Friday, March 13, 2015

green day.

today is "green day" at the kids' school, since next week is spring break and they will be off for st. patty's day. they were pretty excited to rock the green clothes they have. pro tip: buy more green clothes.

hollis was eating his cheerios this morning and i was talking to them about green day and what they were going to wear and do. he said: "mommy, it not green day! it dark outside!". so astute, my child. so astute.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

pictures of my kids.

someday it will be spring and i will be out of my funk. until then, i have these little humans entertaining me and being cute as heck. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

saving daylight.

i hate daylight savings. with a fiery passion. i think it is absolutely a bizarre torture created specifically for parents of young children. i especially don't understand why it happens in early march now. it makes no sense. i could rant for a good long while about this, but let's just say...the past couple of days have been rough. the kids want to party until 9pm (which is really 8pm!) and when i drag them out of bed at 7 (which is too late, really, and also...it's 6!), it makes for lots of grumpiness. for them and me. it's dark, man. it's not ok.

anyway. i haven't really been in a blogging habit this year. there's been stuff going on, but not really any events per se. i dunno. we got new phones (finally), so i've been trying to get back in the habit of taking more pics, but i'm just not feeling it. meh.

we're taking care of my friend's french bulldog this week and she is mega cute. the kids love her and she's doing great with them, in spite of not really ever having been around kids. she and pippa battle, and she does attempt to sneakily steal hollis's stuffed animals in the evenings, so that's mostly hilarious.

this morning hollis got super mad about breaking his banana in half while he was peeling it. toddlers, man. emme and i were laughing at him (because it was funny) and he said "i not being funny right now! i crying right now!" which of course made us laugh even harder.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

five second rule.

i made beef stew in the crockpot the other day (yum) and since i doubted the kids would eat much, if any, of it (i was right), i also made drop biscuits. they were super excited about the biscuits. 

interaction that followed at dinner:

[ek drops part of a biscuit on the floor].
me: oh no sweetie!
ek: oh no! [picks up biscuit and looks at it then glances at me].
me: you can still eat it! wait - is there hair on it?
ek: yes...
me: do you want to eat it anyway?

and, of course, she did. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

veggies and other randomness.

this week, hollis ate a baby carrot! and also a slice of raw bell pepper (yellow). this is exciting news in my life.

also, emme has started saying "bucks wild". i.e. "i'm going bucks wild"; "that song makes hollis bucks wild". it's my favorite.

also, how many times can we listen to uptown funk before i start hating that song? it's so catchy, but omg my kids cannot get enough of it. i also wonder if the language is a little questionable (probably intentional, but whatever), but have i mentioned they really reeaaallllyyy love it.

i'm ready for it to be warm again. and yes, i know how ridiculous that is compared to all the people basically everywhere else in the country. i get depressed and reclusive when it's cold.

Monday, February 16, 2015

mardi gras 2015.

we continued our annual tradition of heading to my hometown for mardi gras weekend this year, and it was absolutely the best time yet. the kids were soooo into it and we had a blast.

we got in late thursday night and hung at my parents' during the day friday. we ate judice inn (obviously), had gumbo for breakfast, let the kids play and hang out and watch movies all day, jb and my brother got out to play some tennis, and then we hit up the parade friday night. our tradition is to park in our area, walk over and get some pizza at this yummy spot, then back to our parade station and wait for the action. the friday parade was later than usual this year, but super fun. hollis loooooved the marching bands and the kids were both so cute waving their hands for beads. we caught a ton of stuff and by the time we got home, both kids were asking to go to bed. win!

saturday we took a nice long walk in the morning (after king cake for breakfast, duh) then headed to the fair. since they'd never really been to a fair, i had no idea how they would take it, but oh.my.goodness they were in heaven. we were there for less than two hours and spent an obscene amount of money as they wanted to play every game and ride on everything. it was awesome. some friends came with, one of whom is a 6 year old who emme loves and the two of them teamed up to ride lots of stuff. ek was so brave i couldn't believe it. she even convinced me and jb to take her on this terrifying ride called skater. she was so tough...i, on the other hand, was shaking and counting the seconds until that awful ride was over. ha.

after naps we headed back out. some friends of my parents have an awesome gathering saturday evening every year with all the food/snacks/wine/etc. this year they had cute crafts for the kids and we got to eat and chill and play before heading to the next parade. our friends met us and emme and amelia were thrilled to play and run around together. we caught another boat load of stuff, then let my parents take the kiddos home while jb and i headed over to the blue moon for some zydeco dancing. we saw cedric watson who was amazing, as usual. we also met up with some austin friends who were in town enjoying their first lafayette mardi gras.

sunday everyone was pretty tired, so we took it easy. more gumbo for breakfast and my mom fixed an amazing pork roast with limas and sweet potatoes and french bread, etc for lunch before we hit the road. i would have sworn the kids would sleep the entire ride home, but they were only out for about an hour. amazingly, for as tired as they were, they did great on the ride. we got back, got in jammies, and relished a restful night back in our own beds. laissez les bon temps roulez, indeed.

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