Tuesday, October 29, 2013

all the things.

last weekend, i was sifting through old blog posts looking for pictures of ek so i could create her birthday invitations.  i went back to last year and realized i never even created a post about her second birthday.  inevitably, this makes me feel like a failure.

lately, all the things are in motion around me.  like i am a clown, juggling balls and batons and maybe a chainsaw and something on fire too.  a stiff breeze or someone sneezing at the wrong time and i am sure i will drop any or all of it.  i'm not miserable at all right now, nor depressed, nor even really that stressed (compared to some times in my existence).  i just feel like i have a slippery grasp or no grip at all on much of anything.  my head and my calendar and my phone are full of lists and plans and ideas that don't make it to the execution phase and then i end up having that constant feeling like i'm forgetting something.  because, of course, i am.

halloween is this thursday.  my kids' costumes are...weak.  good idea, poor execution.  i know that's not the point and that they will have a great time and this will just be a funny story, but i can't help but feel like i am lacking.

emme's birthday is next thursday.  we are throwing two parties this year - one for regular-life friends and one for school friends.  school friends are morphing in to real life friends, but for this year, it's still more convenient/digestible to have the parties separate.  for the record, justin booked venues, etc.  i created digital invitations.  but we have done nothing else.  nothing.  so, that's pretty lame.  ha.

and finally....we are buying a new house.  !  this is both amazing and utterly terrifying.  we've been wanting to move almost since we moved in to our current house - love the house, but the neighborhood is just not somewhere we wanted to settle for more than a couple of years (elementary school is not ideal, there is some crime, we wanted to be more central, walkability, etc.).  it's hard to not feel settled.  so, here we go.  our current house will (hopefully) hit the market next week, and we will be in a new, much more permanent home by christmas.  eeeek!


Kaliste said...

Did I miss something or are you in the house with the pool? Good luck finding something.
As for parties- I waited and waited planning Cole's and threw it all together in a week. lol You'll be fine and you're right, they won't remember the lack of the "perfect" costume. THey'll remember the great time they had. :)

Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law once gave me some very good advice when I complained that I had too many balls in the air and I was sure I was going to drop some. She said, simply, "Just don't drop the glass ones." We're all going to drop some balls. Anybody who seems like theirs are all up in the air is a good actor. Accept that they will drop and accept that nobody is perfect and nobody can do it all. Know which balls are most important (the glass ones) and don't drop those. Your kids are fed, happy and loved? Then it's all good.
Alicia (Jeff's wife)

piper. said...

thank you for the encouragement!!

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