Thursday, May 01, 2014

festival fans.

this past weekend we loaded up the kids and the double bob and headed to lafayette for festival international.  i really love this festival - we've missed a few years, but when we can swing it, it's an awesome weekend.  live music, street food, people watching.  super fun.

anyway.  the kids had an absolute blast.  ek called it the fall vegetable and she fully embraced the experience.  friday morning we celebrated easter with my parents, which included a super cute nest cake my dad ordered from a local bakery.  then we headed to the fest for the bach lunch.  that was where ek discovered the splash pad and it became her focus for the rest of the weekend.  after lunch/splashing, we went home for kidlets to nap and then headed back to the festival for the evening.  we saw a good band and ate some more and then my parents took the kidlets home so jb and i could play for a bit.  we caught the last part of a band and the first part of a russian gypsy band (jb was way more excited about that one than i was) and then headed to have a drink and visit before calling it a night.  we got home slightly after 11 and just barely missed seeing emme - apparently grandparents don't believe in bedtimes...super fun.

saturday, we went to my grandmother (gg)'s house for burgers and some playing at the neighbors'.  my gram's neighbors have this toy escalade that is motorized.  when emme discovered she could control the car with the gas pedal, it was ON.  she floored that thing and the kids were cackling.  so fun.
after that we headed back to the fest for face painting, snacks, music, and more splash pad.  it was a pretty exhausting but fun day and we all headed home for etouffe and watching frozen.

sunday was time to leave with our tired kidlets.  they were both sound asleep within minutes of getting in the car and took almost 4 hour naps, so they missed the random GIANT fireman's hat rolling down the highway.

please note that emme got that dress from my parents for easter and wore it every day, forcing my mom to wash it each night.

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  1. They are so cute! Love the sleeping carseat photo! And oversize giant firehat?? Weird.


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