Tuesday, May 06, 2014

little bro at 16 months.

hollis turned 16 months old sunday!  and my first thought was "this is how old i was when my parents had my brother".  and my second thought was "they were crazy people".  not really, but that is a close age gap.

anyway.  my baby is not a baby anymore.  i mean, he is and he isn't and it's amazing and devastating and all the other emotions.  just like most things with this little parenthood journey.

people always say things like "i couldn't imagine our lives without him", and even though it's super trite, i agree times a million.  hollis is such a part of our family and we adore him.

i will get the rough stuff out of the way first.  this kid.  does not.  sleep.  that's not entirely true, as i've had many friends/acquaintances who've had kids who really REALLY don't sleep.  but man.  i don't think we've had a full night of solid sleep ever in this dude's life.  it was better for a little while, but he's back to waking up at 4:30 or earlier now.  every night.  last week there were many nights with a visit at 1:30 or earlier.  last night he was up pretty much hourly.  i think he's cutting molars maybe?  but i also think i've been making one excuse or another for him in this department since he was born, and the reality is just...he's not a great sleeper.  yet.  his naps have really come around and now he is pretty solid the vast majority of days, so it gives me hope!  but if anyone has any magical tips/tricks on how to get a super busy toddler to settle down and sleep 12 hours, i would be your best best friend.  i hate crying it out (though i've tried), and i'm not really ready to wean him yet (nor is he), but i don't know what else to do...he is waking up ek and then she's in our bed too and really...sleep is important, man.

the other thing is that hollis has a short fuse.  he has quite a little temper and is stubborn and strong-willed (i know this is shocking to hear, since no one else in our family fits this description...ha).  he's also not super verbal yet, so he gets WAY frustrated and he will tell you about it.  by being in a rage.  it's almost funny, but it's also frustrating for us as we're trying to wrangle him and his demanding big sister and all.the.things.  of course.  it doesn't help that he is LOUD.  like, the loudest baby of all time ever.  and when he's mad he's just so so so mad.

but. the rest of the time, hollis is the most hilarious, charming, darling boy.  he will toddle to wherever you are and insist that you read a book to him right then.  his laugh is infectious and profuse and the most joyous sound in our household.  his animal sounds (horse, cat and dog are the only consistent ones right now) are so funny - he doesn't do the n in neigh, so it kind of sounds like he's giggling, and his cat is just MAO.  he has seven teeth in the front and i think a couple of molars are trying to join the party on the right side, but he rarely lets me stick my fingers in there.  he loves to brush his teeth, loves to take baths, and adores his sister beyond belief.  he's become a much pickier eater than i anticipated.  he will always eat bread or cheerios or berries, but everything else is hit or miss.  he's surprisingly gentle (for a boy, especially, from what i've heard) - he is super sweet to the dogs and gives amazing cuddles.  he is immediately happy if he's outside or has access to water that he can splash everywhere.  he loves music and frequently starts the day (way too early) by banging on his dad's djembe.

hollis isn't a big talker yet, but he's got some words: mama, dada, sister (kind of), bird (heavy emphasis on the d like bir-dah - so cute), ball, dog, turtle, bye bye, hi, more, bath, water, and all done are all there (i can understand them, at least).  he signs more, all done, so big, and a few animals.  he's pretty good at following directions and very clearly understands what we're saying (even if sometimes he chooses not to comply).  it's weird after having SUCH a verbal first child...but i'm doing my best not to compare.

my friend alison cut his mullet off a few weeks ago and he looks like such a little dude now.  he walks like an old man - legs bowed, belly out.  it's the best.  his eyes are phenomenally blue.  he's not very chubby anymore, but his feet are still little empanadas and he's pretty delicious, if not overly rolly.  he's super independent already, which is a dream come true and a clear sign that he's the second child.  i'm pretty sure he can play by himself for longer than his sister can already (not to compare but...).

anyway.  my little dude.  i love this child overwhelmingly much, even with my sleep deprivation and his occasional cranky 'tude.  now let's please slow it down a little bit on the whole time-passing thing.

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