Monday, May 19, 2014


this morning i had to take all the animals to the vet for check-ups and because pippa the cat is having a bladder issue.  we don't have a pet carrier for her anymore, so i brought her in a picnic basket, which the kids thought was hilarious.

anyway...after dropping them off, ek was asking lots of questions about vets and why the pets were there and what the vet would do to them, etc.  i told her that it was a neat job and maybe she could be a vet when she grows up if she wants to.

ek: i don't want to be a vet when i grow up.
me: oh no?  well what do you want to be?
ek: a princess.
me: (trying not to be too judgey because she is 3, after all) oh...well what do you do if you're a princess?
ek: twirl.

touche, kid.  touche.

moments later she told me she really wants to be a dog when she grows up so she can run around at the park with no parents.


  1. love it! i am not going to publicly admit what i wanted to be when i grow up.

  2. Sounds exactly like omething Amelia would say. She loves to twirl and usually says princess or mermaid when asked that question.


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